Status note to friends and clients: We finished rebuilding our house in Lakeview, New Orleans and have moved home. It feels great. Although incomplete, here is the latest version of my flooded house demolition and new home rebuild timelapse movie. Our recovery from the flood would have been much more long and painful had it not been for all the help we received. Thank you.

Here are some more Katrina related pictures captured mostly in October 2005.

Maritime New Media has returned home to:
6426 Vicksburg Street
New Orleans. LA 70124
(504) 486-3334

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Ray’s regular old web page follows…
Ray Broussard – Maritime Photographer & Industrial Time Lapse Photographer

Maritime New Media, Inc. New Orleans, Louisiana

Also visit Ray’s for non-marine project examples.
Maritime New Media is a one person company.

I’ve always been fascinated by the maritime industry – boats, ships, shipyards, ports, offshore structures, the Mississippi River, the Gulf of Mexico and South Louisiana’s wetlands. Like most South Louisiana teenagers, I spent a lot of time on and around boats – fishing, shrimping, skiing, sailing, etc. I worked on boats and offshore platforms in the 1970s as a deckhand and operator. I earned a degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (BSc. 1986) from the University of New Orleans and worked as a naval architect for ten years before starting Maritime New Media. (See my resume for more details on my naval architecture career at David Taylor Model Basin and SUPSHIP New Orleans)

I know my way around shipyards and marine vehicles. I understand the complexities of shipyard schedules. I know what is relevant and of interest to people in the maritime community.

Since 1995, I’ve captured and delivered over 80,000 marine related pictures to my clients. Most of those photographs were new construction progress and milestone photos for vessel owners and still and time lapse photography for owners, charter parties and shipyards. I can very neatly organize mass quantities of project photographs and deliver online, on CD or DVD. I’ve created extensive photo documentation CDs of fire damaged vessels for courtroom use by admiralty lawyers. Vessel owners sometimes hire me as Project Photographer during new construction projects.

One of the great things about a photography career is that you train yourself to look for the beauty that is always around us. I easily find that beauty when the photography assignment is marine related.

I really like ships, boats, boat people and shipyards and enjoy being around them with my cameras – welders, painters, riggers, carpenters, foremen, project managers, yard managers, engineers, senior management, other vendors, oversight people, – to me, they are some of the most interesting people in the world. I understand their industry, their jobs, their equipment and most of their procedures. I know their product. I understand the owner-builder relationship. I know how to follow their rules, be safe and stay out of their way. Boat crews and most of their shore based people are equally interesting photography subjects.

Its fun to be an owner’s project photographer during construction. Most people on the owner’s team have huge responsibilities for schedule and budget with a never ending string of problems and are busy inspecting, witnessing and reviewing the builder’s work. I visit as needed and tour the shipyard and vessel, carefully doing my thing and photographing everything related to the project. Then I return to the studio and post process – review, sort, rename, crop, enhance, sharpen, resize, sometimes caption, compress, author, post and test the html online web album or add new pictures to the project’s online photo database, etc. The clients always act pleased and sometime even rave about their pictures. I sure enjoy my work.

Did you pick your career or did your career pick you? I became a professional photographer by accident. I was a naval architect who enjoyed multimedia programming as a hobby. I tried to start a business providing photoVR tours linked to vessel’s drawings and logistics databases as ‘PhotoShipCDs’. Maybe you saw my booth or seminar at the WorkBoat Shows or one of my ASNE or SNAME presentations in the mid and late 1990s. Boat owners started hiring me for regular photography assignments in 1996. At first I didn’t like being just a photographer and wasn’t very good, but I’ve since discovered marine photography is my thing and I do it very well. Its as if I’ve been training for 40+ years to be a great maritime photographer. I’d rather be on a maritime photography assignment more than just about anything in the world.

I’m a competent industrial and architectural photographer, but am at my best when doing maritime photography. My boat pictures come out nice because of my passion for our industry.

Take a look at some of my movies from marine time lapse photography assignments:

Bow Hanging v1 – Big ship bow module lift and fit to hull
Bow Hanging v2 – same from 2nd view
Stern Module Lift – Big ship stern module lift and fit to hull
Wheelhouse Lift – Big ship wheelhouse module lift

Deckhouse Lift – OSV dechouse Lift
Bow Hanging – OSV bow transit, lift and fit
Roll Over – OSV midbody module roll over to launch ways

Big Ship Roll Over & Dry Dock Launch (QuickTime version)
Big Ship Roll Over & Dry Dock Launch (Flash version – slower)

OSV Side Launch Photo Animation
NOAA Ship Side Launch Photo Animation
Army Ship Side Launch Photo Animation

I enjoy making time lapse movies. The big ship roll over and launch above was particularly fun as it was 17 hours of motion over the course of many days.

My maritime clients are pleased with my terms and pricing.

For maritime clients, I charge my rate for my time on site, plus my time in the studio post processing and preparing images for electronic delivery. The client (and their assigns) usually get nonexclusive license to use any imagery delivered for any legal purpose in perpetuity. I usually spend at least three or four minutes in post processing for each picture and generally shoot a lot of pictures when on site. I almost always deliver electronically and always include the highest resolution version available. I don’t sell prints – unless you want me to. I’ll shoot on film or digital, but prefer digital for most assignments. If it weren’t for boat launches, I wouldn’t be using my film cameras hardly at all anymore.

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Hope you enjoyed my maritime photography.

Ray Broussard
Maritime New Media, Inc.
6426 Vicksburg Street
New Orleans, LA 70124
(504) 486-3334

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